International Insolvency Convention

The group International Insolvency Convention (IIC) or International Insolvency Network (IIN) is a group of insolvency professionals (lawyers, trustees, insolvency practitioners, liquidators, accountants, crisis management, corporate finance, assessment…) working in many countries around the world (Europe, USA, China, Russia, Asia, Africa, Australia…) that seeks to improve professional practice by sharing knowledge and expertise in order to work better together for their customers.

The database contains the names of 4000 contacted professionals and the group has over 500 active professionals in 56 countries.

This site provides information about the network, its activities, findings and offers to join.


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The next event is

18-19 September 2014


Many insolvency practitioners have understood for 20 years that the rescue of ailing companies, debt restructuring, refinancing of troubled companies, securing loans to assets, the management of troubled assets, the reorganization of entities, the management of bankruptcy, and recovery of claims against firms in difficulty were not only high value-added sectors where the volume of activity would increase with the globalization of the economy but also that these activities had a very strong international component.

Why do it?

To allow professionals around the world who have come to the same findings to work together by exchanging information and discussing the progress of matter, by participating regularly in seminars where they can meet and Network, to facilitate the exchange of files and intervention in international issues, to increase the knowledge of all including the exchange of technical tools to communicate to other professionals, including publishing articles and legal works, to participate together in conferences, seminars and university education, to participate together in European Union tenders or the World Bank in insolvency

What IIC offers to its members?

IIC aims to increase knowledge and practice of members by the following specific activities:

  • To publish together in books about ICC or legal journals
  • To speak together in seminars or university courses
  • To meet to network and get to know each other
  • To share files and work together
  • To participate in the international conference together
  • To subscribe and realize together the tender on insolvency


Who created IIC?

IIC was founded by Yves BRULARD with Fernando Garcia in 2009. DBB Law and AGM Abogados worked together for 25 years. Our desire is to have a tool open, non-exclusive, which increases the quality of our work and our services. Both DBB Law and AGM Abogados are very active in the field of insolvency and intervene in cases of transatlantic or European level, or involving foreign jurisdictions such as China, India or Brazil. We want an informal and non-exclusive group, based on friendly relations but also careful to seek the best quality and best practice. We want to be visible.
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What has IIC already acheived?

We have already organized two international seminars in Barcelona in 2009 and Brussels in 2010 in which were present about thirty practitioners from the United States, China, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England… We have also held several regional conferences including one in Belgium and one in Barcelona where more than 160 lawyers and professionals have debated the figure of European regulation. We won and made a tender of the European Union on bank failures and subscribes to other tenders. We published a book and several legal articles. We participate in associations and similar networks (Insol, Bedgies ,…). We lead the network on LinkedIn.


How is IIC organized?

Participants can simply join LinkedIn. They will be then informed through that channel about the activities they could participate. The active group is the one which wants to publish on the site and in the media and participate in regional conferences. The core group consists of those who want to speak and write in the yearbook and implement a real policy of work between them.


How much does IIC cost?

An annual fee of 100 Euros is requested from those who want to participate in the active group and 1000 Euros for those who want to participate in the core group to cover the costs of communication. For joined participants, no contributions are due and each participant contributes to the costs of specific activities. This subscription is free. It covers the costs of operation and communication. The annual meetings allows to discuss a budget.


What files have we generated?

The tender of bank failures that has resulted in a good budget, reorganization Franco-Italo-Chinese, inter European reorganization…
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How to join?

Go to our contact page and choose one of the options to get in touch with us.